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Vol. 5, No. 1

I was very, very bad. I never updated this page even once in all of the year 2000, thereby skipping Volume 4 completely! Of course, none of the other specialty page owners on this site updated their pages either. At least we kept the important stuff -- the shows, songs, and band info pages -- going right along.

It's a little scary looking back to the previous entry and reading about how, more than a year ago, I was whining about working too much and needing to get a life...especially since I'm still in pretty much the same situation! Yikes! My life is passing me by while I've chained myself to my desk at work! At least the band gives me some sanity.

Well, maybe I've rather overstated the same-ness of the situation. There has been some progress. I've pursued information on various career/life paths with a bit more gusto over the past year. I finally figured out THE 2-3 priority options for what I want to do. I've taken steps to get them going -- it's just that nothing has quite come to fruition yet. This year, though, something WILL change. This, I guarantee.

I also took up some of my old hobbies again, albeit, not with as much dedication (due to time issues) as in the past. Notably, I used all of my vacation last year reading and drawing, much of it in a lovely, sunny locale. I've rejuvenated my sketchbook, and use it when I travel. I'm also trying to take more opportunities to write, although most of it has been technical rather than creative. I've started taking more time to establish new friendships. Finally, I've been humming a few song ideas around the house lately and trying to catch up with band business and the web sites. Maybe it's not a revolution, but it's a start toward getting back to what's interesting and fun.

Let's hope that by the time I reach volume 6 (or at least early on within volume 6), I'll have my plans for "getting a life" fully implemented.


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