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Vol. 3, No. 2

Figured I'd better at least do a second issue of Volume 3 before we move on to Volume 4.

I have continued to be less than diligent about keeping up this web page. I have no time. I (still) really need to get a life.

I'm still pretty miserable at work, but I can cope with it a little better now that I've finally had a vacation. There are only three things that keep me from total insanity at the quarry: I have the world's coolest secretary, the best boss I've ever had (a senior manager with a soul -- imagine!), and a group that does good work. The problem is more about the larger picture than my immediate surroundings. But, enough about that.

I was so looking forward to the Maharishi's return. Well, he returned. And I seem to see less of him than when he lived on the distant mountain. As I said, I need to get a life.

Of course, in a few weeks when the world projects toward oblivion with the onset of Y2K, none of this will matter.

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