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Vol. 1, No. 4

Well, Thanksgiving is here again. It may seem doofy in the insanely hip circles in which I travel, but I actually do take the time to reflect on the many things for which I am thankful every year. (Yikes! My tragic flaw is exposed again!)

First, I am very happy to have all of my family and friends that were alive and well last Thanksgiving still here and in the same condition this year. (Yep, they're all still loopy.) Especially, I'm grateful for my sister, my parents, and my best friend, just because.

I am also very grateful that I was in Luxor in October and not in November, as originally planned...

I'm very thankful for all the fun things in my life. One of the most notable is Planet Log 3000. Another is that Martin guy. Also: movies from the 30's and 40's, foreign films, classic literature, certain bands that still know what alternative really means, 'bots, good and affordable wines, cheeses of all kinds (including Wensleydale), frequent flyer miles and discount fares, catalog retailers that sound happy to take my order at ridiculous hours of the night, fresh flowers, liberty, the benefits of a good education, interesting people in interesting lands, and Wallace & Gromit (to fill the void that post-John K. Ren & Stimpy left).

I'm thankful that, for some odd reason, Dave and Al ended up in Cleveland long enough for me to discover just how cool they are. If they were Colorforms, they'd just never stick to the picture in the Midwestern Fun and Frolics package...but I'm glad their jolly characters temporarily got mixed in with the little plastic cut-outs of Ohio Ollie and Small-City Sally anyway.

I'm glad that Dave's departure provided an opportunity for the three remaining PLoggers to bond over the loss and become much better friends.

I'm glad that Keith injected our music with a certain sparkle that, hopefully, will remain even though he is no longer an active member of the band.

I'm glad that Suave emerged. I have a really good feeling about PL3K with him in it.

I'm glad that the Maharishi isn't really cut out to be a California boy.

Despite my incessant muttering, I'm thankful for my job. Now and then, I even enjoy it (in a Machiavellian way).

I'm very thankful for e-mail and web pages because I'm a lame-o at keeping in touch with people, even really important people, when I am forced to use the telephone (or, heaven forbid, letters) to do so. The corollary to this is that I'm very thankful to have extremely forgiving friends who still call or write me, even though I almost never reciprocate (Laura D., Laura B., Margie, ...)

Mostly, I'm thankful that I live in a country where there's good reason for everyone to celebrate and appreciate our considerable opportunities for happiness.

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