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Comic Book O' Da Week

Blew off work on Friday. Stopped in at my dealer (Atomic Eye in Lakewood, OH) to get me some funny books. He had just purchased a collection from some guy in Youngstown - the prize parts of which were Avengers #1 and #2 by Jack 'King' Kirby and Stan 'the Man' Lee.

I couldn't afford those, but I did find some 70's issues of All Star Comics (the JSA as done by Wally Wood and others) and Devil Dinosaur #1, a really strange 70's comic by Jack 'King' Kirby. I think Jack may have been a little bit addled at that point.

I also got some new comics. Comic of the Week is Dork #5 by Evan Dorkin. It's got 13 pages of Fun! - sort of cool little mini comics strips like "The Latchkey Kids", "What the Hell was Bob Dylan Thinking" and my all-time favorite "Myron the Living Voodoo Doll". It's a laff-a-minute with the Devil Puppet!

Coming soon: The Secret Origin of the P-Men!

That's right, find out just what the element Twangium, rocketships from the planet Gretschton, mysterious psychic powers, and experiments with whale calls all have to do with the formation of America's grooviest super-team.

Betcha can't wait.

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