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My Favorite Comic: 1998

My favorite comic these days is "Supreme" from Awesome Entertainment. Once upon a time this used to be a super lame-ass Image comic as created by Rob Liefeld. I managed to get a free issue of it somewhere or another and it sucked mightily. Lotsa guys in tights using obscure superpowers to beat the crap out of each other. Yawn.

Now it's a way cool comics about, well, lots of people in tights using obscure superpowers to beat the crap out of each other. The difference is that the comic is now being written by that scribe supreme Alan Moore. Alan realized that Supreme was basically a lame copy of Superman and proceeded to turn Supreme in to a cool copy of Supreme.

Here is a comics rule of thumb to memorize:

Any comic written by Alan Moore is worth getting.

I wish I could explain how cool this comic is. A whole new backstory and continuity were built up during the first year of Alan's run, mostly thought retro-style flashbacks appropriately illustrated by Rick Veitch. We slowly get to meet Supreme, learn his origin, meet his supporting cast and his nemeses through these flashbacks while the main story continues Supreme's adventures in the present day.

The only down side to the first year of this comic were the artists who looked like they learned to draw from old Rob Liefeld comics. Since then Chris Sprouse has started drawing the comic and his clean style makes the comic shine. The most recent tales have read like forgotten but really good Superman comics from my pre-adolescence, but better somehow. There's a really great sense of history to this comic, there is a lot of backstory we've only gotten glimpses of.

I can hardly wait to see what happens to Supreme's Pal Billy Friday's Laptop Communicator now that the Televillain has found it in Supreme's Hell of Mirrors. This series is too cool.

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