The Maharishi's
Sea of Tranquility


My Children,

Your beloved Maharishi has been soul searching lately. Living far from my flock has made me reflect on my life and the future. My purpose on top of this mountain is coming to an end. I see now that true contentment can only be reached when a complete sense of place is felt. Whether you surround yourself with memories, thus creating an environment, or place yourself into that environment does not matter. What matters is happiness and having fun.

An integral part of life is understanding the effect you, as a person, have on the world. Just as in modern physics, where any attempt to measure the system has an effect on it, we all affect the world around us. And we affect the people of that world. Finding your place in that world is part luck and part skill. You can carve out a niche for yourself -- but always be careful:

If you are carving into stone, it will be hard to move.
If you carve into sand, the rains may wash you away.
Balance is utmost -- balance of your mind and soul.

Knowing that, know this:

If you are not honest with yourself, you cannot be honest with anyone else. It just doesn't work. Your mind must have a relationship with your soul. One must complement the other, not fight the other. It is not the job of the mind to control anything. The mind interprets the language of the soul and body so we can make changes to our environment. Doing this will bring inner peace.

Do not be afraid to change aspects of your life. Each of us chooses our own destiny. However, you must choose how that destiny plays out. You can let the environment make choices for you, you can fight the forces around you, or you can listen, learn, and understand your world. Then the choices are clear. Not necessarily easy, but clear.

Go in peace, my children.
The Maharishi

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