Truck Commercial

Music and Lyrics by Suave

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Verse 1
Ninety-seven in the shade
Drunk on Lynchburg lemonade
Hundred-fifteen "y'alls" a day
Oughta keep the Yanks away
Gettin' out my V8 Ford
Got my foot on the runnin' board
Start the engine and thank the Lord!
I'm a 'neck right to the core!

Verse 2
Boot prints mark the spot I stood
Tobacco, where I spat
Is Monday Nitro worth watchin' tonight?
Well, you know the answer to that!
Loadin' up my Chevy truck
Case of Bud and a little luck
Me and my buddies gonna haul some stuff
Come on home and get roughed up!

Don't call me stupid
I'm like a rock!
I love Bob Seger
And the South never lost a thing!

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