Are You Just Stupid?

Music and Lyrics by Shelley

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Are you just stupid?
He keeps wringing tears from your heart
Bit by bit he tears you apart
You hang on to that two-bit Cupid
Are you nuts or are you stupid?
He keeps wringing tears from your heart

I keep watching my good friends
Destroy their lives for worthless men

Donít you know that men arenít all
Card-carrying Neanderthals?

You say heís to good to be true
Because heís never belted you

(Oh, no!)

You donít hold out for Mr. Right
You mold yourself to Mr. Wrong
And turn into a doormat!


Intelligent and confident
Until you see a pair of pants

Youíre valuable without a mate
You donít need him to validate you

Don't you know that loveís seduction
Shouldnít lead to self destruction

(Oh, no!)

Your chance of happiness is slim
Until you live for you, not him
Donít be such a doormat!


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