Pablo's Got a Problem

Music and Lyrics by Dale

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Verse 1
She was crying in her baked beans
On a folding chair by the fireside
Flames were dancing in her teardrops
She wasn't having a good time

Verse 2
Pablo said he's leaving for the west coast
Told her on her best friend's wedding day
She was drunk and lost and lost and lonely
I must have found the right thing to say

I met a little miss
I stole a little kiss
I don't mean to dis
But you had best remember this

Pablo's got a problem
That's not a decent way to treat a pretty girl
Pablo's got a problem
He ought to give not being a jerk a whirl
Pablo's got a problem
Hair slicked back and he's looking mighty fine
Pablo's got a problem
One of these days I'm gonna make his problem mine
One fine day I'm gonna make his problem mine

Verse 3
Ten years ago I can remember
Thinking that I had fallen in love
Ten years ago I had a problem
Wonder what I was thinking of



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