One-Legged Menace

Music and Lyrics by Suave

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Verse 1
Front page had his picture today
FOB's drinkin' his life away
Flippin' burgers at the annual fair
Stomach's workin' but his mind ain't there

Verse 2
Spider's in his head and in his heart
Got no worries 'bout his missin' part
Now he's comin' here from over there
Bought a pitcher and expects us to share

Button your shirt and shave your face
Change your underwear if that's the case
But, if you please, leave us alone
Take your leave and won't you run on home

Verse 3
Got guitars up in Washington
Got a son in Portland, Oregon
All he wants is some company
Tell you, brother, don't you look at me

Why are you so annoying?
Did you get it from your Mom and Dad?
If you don't sit somewhere else
You're gonna get me hoppin' mad!

Verse 4
Limpin' down the street he looks so sad
Hash brownies must have done him bad
Do us a favor and spare us the pain
Of seein' your whole life go down the drain

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