Music by Shelley and Lyrics by Martin

Don't look too close;
Don't look at all.
No sight anywhere;
No knowing anywhere.
But what's allowed
When they allow?
If they allow,
Why should they allow?

Litany 1
James wrote of mystery
Colin found the mystery
Tim digs into mystery
Albert resigned to mystery

Verse 1
What's in the corner?
What's in the crack?
Something's going on
Behind my back.


Litany 2
Danielle sang of mystery
Kurt proved there's mystery
Soren saw the mystery
Franz was lost in mystery

Verse 2
Put my pen down;
Saw it there;
Now gone to Novaya
Or don't know where.


Litany 3
Fredrick drank to mystery
Cary played the mystery
Alfred filmed the mystery
Pierre painted mystery

Verse 3
Keeps me keen.
Keeps me alive.
This mystery,
Why is it five?


Final Litany
Erwin boxed the mystery
Pablo sketched the mystery
Willard thought through mystery
Tito studies mystery
Roz still smiles at mystery
Did Pete know the mystery...

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