Judy's Got a Gun

Music and Lyrics by Dale
(a.k.a. "Daley Ramone")

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Verse 1
It's a sunny day but no one's having no fun
On the jogging path they broke into a run
Judy's boss made her go to work
Judy's boss can be such a jerk

Judy's got a gun
Judy's got a gun
Judy Judy's got a gun

Verse 2
On the playing field a shot deflated the ball
The soccer mom will get a new one at the mall
But Judy won't let that mom leave
Judy feels she's under siege


Verse 3
Ted Nugent says she's well within her rights
Too bad for Ted he's right within her sights
Too bad for Ted he's got no soul
He won't be saved by rock'n'roll


Judy's got love, she's not gonna lose it
Judy's got a WonderBra, she knows how to use it
Judy loves life, she just doesn't choose it
Judy's the bomb, it's hard to defuse it

Verse 4
When she's done we'll go on a talk show
Gals with guns and the guys that love them so
Jerry Springer gets in her face
She'll send him to a better place


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