Music and Lyrics by Shelley

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Verse 1
Sit tight and listen
Can you hear it
Thereís something in the air
Iím not pretending
Itís getting closer
A footstep on the stair
Can you hear it now?
Why canít you hear it now?
Iím telling you thereís something in the air

Verse 2
Quick now look
Oh no you missed it
A shadow in the fog
Itís tailing us
Iím sure it is
I knew it all along
Oh youíd better run
Hurry up and run
This time I know I canít be wrong

There is danger in the air

Days like this Iíd rather stay in bed
But that wonít stop the voices in my head
That say it will never do
To leave it up to you
When I know thereís something in the air

Verse 1


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