Comfort Rating Zero

Music and Lyrics by Shelley

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Verse 1
Starting out; so much ahead
Everything is going your way
Dreams and plans; youíve always been the gifted one
Whatís ahead here in the real world

Chorus 1
(That world will)
Beat you down; itís had some practice
Beat you down; youíll see what I mean
Beat you down; itís smelling fresh blood now
(Youíre) Such a hopeful young man

(The world will)
Beat you down; it has the power
Beat you down; with all your ideals
Beat you down; you wonít be the first one
(Thatís) Such a hopeful young woman

Verse 2
Losing ground; you finally get a lucky break
Hereís a chance to prove what you can do
When you believe that finally youíre breaking through
You hear the laughter; youíve fallen for the lies

Chorus 2
(You let it) Beat you down... caught you trusting
...and thatís its power
...ítil you doubt your reason
(Youíre) Such an angry young woman

(You let it) Beat you down... knows your weakness
...and you canít win know the truth now
(Youíre) Such an angry young man

How can this be all there is for me
Itís not the way it should be

Verse 3
Time ticks on; youíve learned how the game is played
Intelligence will always lose to power
If there had been a better way youíd have taken it
Thereís no place for the gifted in a world of fools

Chorus 3
(The world has) Beat you down... never belonged here
...thereís nowhere to turn
...youíre too tired to fight it
(Youíre) Such a tired old man

(The world has) Beat you down...
...youíve learned to accept it
...but itís rotting your soul
...maybe it's better

(The world has) Beat you down...
...beat you down
...beat you down
(Youíre) So tired...

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