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First, we need some information from you.
Please fill in ALL of the blanks below.
Then press a button to create lyrics in the musical style of your choice.
Your First and Last Name
An Adjective
A Plural Noun
A Field of Study
(e.g., math, philosophy)
A Personal Title
(e.g., Ms., Captain, Queen)
A Vegetable (singular)
An Emotion
(e.g., love, loathing)
A Fish
(e.g., cod, bass)
A Weather Adjective
(e.g., cold, balmy)
A Local "Hang Out"
(e.g., bar, coffee shop)
A Type of Tree
A Dance
(e.g., Tango, Two-Step)
A Land-Dwelling Creature
(e.g., cat, dog, disc-jockey)

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