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Residents of the Planet

How we would describe YOU if you lived on Planet Log 3000?
I've GOT to know!

Dale Houston, known as The Surly One or Goat Boy or Rawk Bottom, is one of the original discoverers of Planet Log 3000 (then called "Log"). Aside from being the resident bass player/singer/songwriter, Dale also amuses us with his keen wit, grasp of pop culture, knowledge of comics, inspired artistic talents, and extraordinary Planet Log 3000 home brews.

Martin J. Drabik, known as The Moody One or Professor N, is drummer/singer/songwriter extraordinaire on Planet Log 3000. He also is an accomplished cook (he humbly refuses the title of "chef"), who often sustains the residents of Planet Log 3000 with his culinary creations. (We bet that Van Halen and the Rolling Stones probably sit around at band practice noshing on homemade baba ganouj, stuffed grape leaves, or calzone too.) A rabid Indians fan, Martin has mastered the art of drumming while keeping his full attention on Tribe TV coverage. He is often found slaying monsters or hammering out the answers to the latest New York Times crossword puzzle.

Shelley Drabik, known as The Good One or Distortion Girl, is the rhythm guitarist/singer/songwriter on Planet Log 3000. Lately, she can be found in one of two places: (1) furiously driving toward Planet Log 3000 headquarters to get to practice before it's over, or (2) at work, just being furious. (She is yet another wretched, miserable, oppressed servant of the Middle-Aged-White-Men-In-Khaki Pants, before whom all in Corporate America tremble.)

John DePietro, known as Suave (that's pronounced SWAH'-VAY) or Captain Feedbakk, is the lead guitarist/singer/songwriter on Planet Log 3000. He is a WWF trainee and looks extraordinarily good with a red "Heather" ribbon enhancing his coiffure. Planet Log 3000 heartily supports Suave's dream of WWF glory, with a mercenary hope that the other band members can ride his coattails to fame as his leather-clad house band.

Sara Monsour, known as Illustrated Girl, is Planet Log 3000's manager and star groupie. She has passions for creating fabulous desserts, Linux, and leopard print. She not only digs bass players, but secretly pines to become one.

Dave P. Miller, known as The Cocky One or The Human Twang, moved to a remote region of the Planet, causing him to relinquish his banjo/guitar/singing/songwriting duties. (There are several interesting rumors surrounding his departure. One is that he was driven away by the Planet's new "More Bang, Less Twang" policy. Another is that he was strung up for crimes against banjo playing by a band of crazed Kentuckians.) Although he doesn't visit with most of the other residents of Planet Log 3000 in person anymore, he's still with us in spirit, especially when our cords are impossibly tangled up.

Allison V. also moved to a remote region of the Planet with Dave P. Miller. She has always been our most organized resident (for proof, go to http://www.wco.com/~dpmiller/) who delights in insightful banter about social issues. She also holds the record for attending the most band practices without ever hearing a single musical note.

Shawn B., known as The Maharishi, is the spiritual leader of Planet Log 3000. He joyously returned for an extended spiritual pilgrimmage to a remote mountain in the far regions of the Planet, but discovered that true happiness was in his own backyard (or, actually, the basement). He offers all of PL3K's residents spiritual healing, and teaches us how to enjoy our universe (i.e., partake of Planet Log 3000 home brews, jam with the band, and wind up sleeping on the basement couch). He recorded and produced the band's CD in his studio, Tibet. At the time of recording, he was known as Merciless.

Lisa R., known as Ellesingleyesa or Shutterbug, is the official photographer on Planet Log 3000. She also serves as the band's official fan club president, is another accomplished cook, and is an expert on and collector of wine. (Lisa just said that it would be more accurate to call her a "drinker and collector of wine.")

Russ R., known as Rus (with a long U), is the Planet's most humorous and handy resident. He also has the Planet's lowest and most convincing voice. He is both a brewmaster (he's known on the Planet for his exotic "Ye Olde Cooking Spoone" beer) and screw(machine)master.

John W., known by absolutely everyone as Gus (betcha didn't know his name was "John"), was the engineer for the band's CD, is the official surfboard at PL3K gigs, and is also an active member of the fan club.

Keith Kanderski, known as Pizza Man, although only a guitarist/singer/songwriter on Planet Log 3000 for a short time, has been a long-time resident of the Planet. Originally from sister planet, Pudding and Fruit (he was "Fruit"), Keith and fellow resident (and wife) Christine have probably attended nearly as many gigs as the band itself. Learn more about Keith's literary genius by visiting his web site at http://members.aol.com/KKanderski/home.index.html.

Phil F., known as Uncle Phil, is our favorite storyteller, computer wizard, and spider specialist. He and his wife Lori (a.k.a., Dr. Chops, Healer of Feet) and daughters Lindsay and Jessica live on the outskirts, but always find time to travel into town.

Laurie G., known as Woman of Adventure or Woman of Derring-Do or My Sister, another devoted and long-time resident, holds the record for selling more CD's than anyone on the Planet, including the band members. She has admitted to often having one of the band's songs "stuck in her head" -- or should we say she has "spiders, spiders in her head"? Her spouse, Matt, is growing to like PL3K, but only when they play Camper Van Beethoven covers. He'll learn.

Ron C. was once a reluctant resident of the Planet, but we liked him anyway. Good thing we did (and still do), because now he's one of the few -- er -- elite programmers who will play PL3K tunes on the air. One night a week he is known as one of the Johnsons on WRUW 91.1 FM.

Annie W., is the resident with the most chispa!!! She is fluent in Spanish-Pig Latin-Op Language, and is currently working on a project to translate all of the songs from The Music Man into said language. Sometimes, she is known to play the blues despite her vibrant personality. She also enjoys a certain notoriety among our residents for hunting down and chiding the Maharishi for one of his misadventures. ('Course, she just ended up jamming with him in the end. Good, thing -- it's not spiritually wise to mess with The Great One.)

Tim P., known in his official capacity as Lord Teem of Bath, Overlord of Akron, resides on the outskirts of the Planet, while maintaining citizenship on his home planet, "Sunshine Suicide."

Matt and Ruth L. were active residents of the Planet for a long time. You can usually find them by following the sweet aroma of vanilla cigars, although, now, following their trail takes some time.

Mark and Karin H. trailed Dave and Al to the outer regions of the Planet (which sadly ended Mark's affiliation with sister planet, "Everyone's Creepy Neighbor"), but they resurface in town now and again and keep in touch via the electrons.

Christine B. is the official attorney on the Planet. She and her spouse (allegedly known as Jeff B., alias Spud, alias Sugar Plum, although we can neither confirm or deny that information) are the Planet's most barefooted residents.

Other Residents and Frequent Visitors to Planet Log 3000: Our respective Mums, Dads, and other assorted relatives; Lee and Jim; C.D. Truth; the late, great Pudding and Fruit, Round Thing, and Walking with Edna; Bluto's Revenge; Neil, formerly of Craw; Todd; and the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

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