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Many people have asked about the origins of the band's name.

(Well, okay, at least a few people asked. Once, the question was asked by this guy from Italy who wanted to interview the band for his fanzine. Because of the great distance covered by his question, it is weighted more heavily than a question from your average, run-of-the-mill, local. You see, if you assume that one average fan asks this question from a distance of, say, 3 feet, then you can assume that for every 3 additional feet the question had to travel over the regular 3 feet of standard questioning distance, you add one questioner. Therefore, the distance from Cleveland to Italy in feet, divided by three, plus the number of locals who asked us the question, equals the total weighted number of fans who asked the question. Obviously, that's MANY people. Right?)

To understand the name, you have to know a little about the band's history.


About eight years ago, Dale and one of his co-workers decided to form a band called Log, named for a theme from The Ren and Stimpy Show. Dale played a little bass guitar and his co-worker was taking guitar lessons. To complete the lineup, they asked Martin, another co-worker, if he would learn to play the drums. (A key reason for asking Martin to be in the band was that Martin owned a house, so the band could practice in his basement!) Because they all thought that Martinís wife, Shelley, might not like the noise from band practices, they asked her to sing -- they thought that if Shelley was in the band, she wouldnít mind the noise!

Eventually, the band decided that they needed a second guitarist, so Shelley bought an electric guitar and everyone began to share the responsibility for singing.

After a few practices and a couple of minor gigs, the original guitarist decided that he didnít like playing in front of an audience, so he quit.

Planet Log (a.k.a. PLog)

The band decided to ask another person who worked with Dale and Martin (Dave P. Miller) to join. At the time, Dave was just learning to play the banjo.

Just after Dave joined Log, the name of the band was changed to Planet Log.

(Some said that the origin of the bandís new name was a military secret. At the time, it was rumored that the following items were involved: a Ouija board, Pictionary, a large hunk of wood, and a Little Astronomer-brand telescope.)

Planet Log, in addition to playing in various Cleveland, Akron, and Cleveland venues over about three years, self-released a CD, Venus in Leopard Print, and recorded a 3-song demo tape produced by Kramer in 1996.

Planet Log existed until early 1997, when Dave took a job in San Francisco. Planet Log continued for a short time as a power trio. However, the remaining members preferred to have a fuller sound, additional vocals, and another creative perspective from a fourth member.

Planet Log 3000 (a.k.a. PL3K)

It wasn't very easy to find someone who matched all of the requirements of being a member of PLog. It was important to the band to maintain the everybody writes and everybody sings motto. (The band likes the idea of everyone having an equal role in the band -- nobody owns the spotlight. This helps to give the band a more diverse sound.) Other requirements were:

Incredibly, the right person actually (and briefly) emerged -- Keith Kanderski, former lead singer for the late, great Pudding and Fruit.

Around the time that Keith joined the band, a new chapter in the band's history (albeit, a very SHORT chapter) began. A name change seemed appropriate. Although a job change forced Keith to leave the band in June 1997, Planet Log 3000 elected to keep the same name.

This chapter in band history, although started by Keith, is being continued by the band's current member, Suave DePietro, who joined in mid-November 1997. Since Suave's joining, PL3K has developed a more "rocking" musical style with more edge. Suave's guitar leads have added sonic depth to the music. He also is a gifted vocalist and songwriter.

The addition of our manager, Sara Monsour, provided the band with even more creativity in approaching our future. It all seems to have come together!

Thirty years from now, the words Planet Log 3000 will probably make up only about 25% of the total words in the name of the band, the members will all play electric autoharps, and they'll play only lite rock.

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