Music and Lyrics by Shelley

Verse 1
Heading for home
Walking down the sidewalk
Thinking to myself
Wondering if I care

Fumbling for the key
Slipping in the back door
Reaching for the switch
Finding nothing there

Standing in the dark
Then I hear a whisper
Whistling through the cracks
Leaves begin to swirl

Feeling kind of scared
Feeling kind of anxious
Suddenly a train
Everything’s awhirl

He’s a tornado
Twisting ‘round my heart
Spinning ‘round my soul
He’s a tornado
Pushing me off balance
‘Til I lose control

Verse 2
If I lock the doors
If I bolt the windows
Can I hold it back
Will the walls be strong?

How am I to know
How am I to notice
When the danger’s passed
When the fear is gone

Running for the door
Running for the cellar
Safety is inside
But I can’t get in

If I’d only heard
If I had only listened
Now there’s no escape
I hear the train again


Verse 3
Hinges are unhitched
Glass breaks from my window
Faces passing by
Losing gravity

All around the room
Objects fly around me
But in all of this
There’s only one I see

Lifted by the gale
High above the chaos
In the storm’s eye
Everything is light

In my mind there’s nothing
But the words you’ve spoken
I’ll just close my eyes
And hold on very tight


Verse 4
Landing with a crash
All my fears beneath me
Open up the door
There’s no need to run

Blinded by the colors
Wash away the gray skies
This road may be unsure
But certainly more fun


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