Reminds Me of You

Music and Lyrics by Dale

Verse 1

When you knew that I loved you
That's when you left me a mess
Surprised that I still fit
Into your wedding dress


Well the days go by
And the birds still fly
And the babies cry
And it reminds me of you

Verse 2

When I saw the graffiti
Down by the river in Kent
Well I knew what you said then
And I knew what he meant

Took a walk in the valley
Saw the sights from the train
Had a taste in my mouth then
That I could not explain


Well the frogs all croak
And my collars choke
And I'm always broke
And it reminds me of you

Verse 3

Had a burger at Swenson's
Bought some reading on Main
Saw your face in my purchase
Don't think I'll read it again


Well we're not in space
And we don't say grace
And I'm in third place
And it reminds me of you

Well the dogs don't mush
And I'm always rushed
And my hopes are crushed
And it reminds me of you

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