Planet Log Jam Dance Party

Music and Lyrics by Dave

Verse 1
I'm gonna go out for a jog
Exercise is easy on the planet log
I'm in love with it's gravity
Puts the dancin' fever inside of me

Cuz it's a planet log jam dance party
Planet log jam dance party

I want to be the king of the prom
Think you knew it all along
Is that really oh so wrong
Come on every body and clap along


Verse 2
Come on every body and shake your hips
Let me see you pucker those lips
Kiss your partner and give yourself a hand
That's all there is to my five year plan


Verse 3
I've got this psychobilly jamboree
Trapped in my body and it's gotta be free
Everybody better get up and dance
Or runnin' for your life may be your only chance


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