Mental Funambulist

Music and Lyrics by Shelley

Verse 1
Cup of joe
Feeling low
Wake me up
Time to go

Floating high
Crashing down
Rising tide
Float or drown

Always worry 'bout the chances missed
Mental funambulist
Hamlet's choices; Ophelia's bliss
Mental funambulist

Verse 2
Buried deep
Inside myself
Scratch the surface
Catch some hell

Always angry
Always cold
Often childish
Feeling old


Verse 3
Take it out
On who's around
Feet are never
On the ground

Blaming no one
Blaming you
For all the things
I'll never do


Verse 4
Pull you close
Then push away
Give you love
Then make you pay

Hoarding my
Something that
Belongs to me

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