Music and Lyrics by Shelley

Verse 1
Strolling through a field
Running through the park
Standing very still
As hummingbirds swim through the dark
I'm never up to speed
Or maybe I'm too slow
I always get the two confused
I guess by now you know

No flies on me
No flies on you
No flies on anyone
We all know what to do
No flies on Frank
No moths on Mildred

Verse 2
A can of motor oil
A cup of antifreeze
Holding fast at ten below
I thought I heard you sneeze
It's just a couple days
It's just an attitude
It's just the atmospheric fish
That make the sky turn blue


Verse 3
When we're dead and gone
Or maybe just leave town
They'll wear our clothes and drink our port
Art is so profound
I really can't explain
Or maybe I should go
This might be deep or meaningless
I guess we'll never know


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