Music and Lyrics by Dale

Verse 1
Sometimes love arrives by plane
Sometimes love has to take the train
Sometimes love's holed up in Spokane
She's too sweet to walk in the rain

Pretend you're a good friend of mine
We could drink warm beer in the sunshine
Laughing at Republican swine
Stick around I might grow a spine

Verse 2
Sneaky kisses under the bridge
Six o' Schaeffer hid in my fridge
What's the funnest thing that we did?
Six more limbs and I'd be a squid

One last smooch behind the toolshed
One last reference over your head
One last inhibition I've shed
Now it's time I finally said

I like you a lot but you're lousy in bed [x7]

Verse 3
Lick the sweat from your collarbone
Time for you to give up that throne
Swinging couples go it alone
Bigger than you've ever been shown

Wrote your name on the overpass
Dreamed of you when I was in class
Thought of you as a comely lass
One more time? No I think I'll pass


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