Music and Lyrics by Martin

Verse 1
Who's the one in charge of the satellite?
Keeping higher functions in line
Who's the mom and the maid and the referee?
Sure wish that girl could be mine

Verse 2
Who's the All-Star center of the SOL team?
Dunking on the über lords
Who puts up with the 'bots and their bratty ways
Uttering nary a word

It's Gypsy
With the foam rubber lips
It's Gypsy
What I'd give for one kiss
Oh Gypsy, Gypsy
I love you (love you)

Verse 3
She's the umbilicus to Deep 13
Tied to the mad poopies
Gonna hop a rocket gonna fly on out
I'm gonna to set her free

Meet me at the pod bay babe and
I will take you away to the
We'll gaze into each other's eye we'll
Be together 'til we die with
Richard Basehart watching over all

Verse (no vocal)


Verse 4
She's the one who gives Mike, Tom and Crow
Tender loving care
So I know deep down that forever I'll be
Worshipping from afar

Chorus (x2)

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