Glass Block Cross

Music by Shelley and Lyrics by Martin

Glass block cross
Glass block cross
Friend of inertia
Glass block cross (x2)
Bank of reflection
Glass block cross (x2)
Wall of interior

Verse 1
See the little people
Safe in their shelter
Soothing for their minds
Blocks to play
And hide behind
Give up earthly strife
Why bother trying
Just a waste of time

Verse 2
When you're weary
Of the battle zone
Stop in for a time
Shout along and
You'll feel better
Praying to the sky
A cure from on high
Will take care of why


Verse 3
Our glass block cross
Is magic stuff
For keeping what's inside
Don't look out
Or you might see
What you really hide
Weave security
Ignore reality


Step outside and you might find that
Guns don't have a god
Here's the battle -- how're you gonna fight it
Back behind the block


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