Amtrak Holiday

Music and Lyrics by Dave

Verse 1
Packed my bags and bought a ticket
Just needed to go for a ride
The sleeping car and the snack bar
Would get me from town to town

Amtrak Holiday (x3)
Get on board
Amtrak Holiday (x3)
Get on board

Verse 2
Stopped the train in a dairy town
Went to a department store
There I found the biggest collection
Of clip-on ties I've ever seen

At night out there I could see the stars
But I couldn't see Planet Log
Needed to get back on my way
To my Amtrak Holiday


Verse 3
Chicago to Cleveland
Cleveland to Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh to Washington
On the East coast I'm home again

Riding on the Metro line
While stopping in my favorite towns
Nobody votes for Bob Dole here
Pastures and cows are far away


Verse 4
Get me on a subway
In a town where the skies are gray
I like the smell of the sewer grates
The frenzy, the chaos, the public debates


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