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The Return of Keith!

Former Log, Keith, has been putting together material for his re-emergence on the local music scene. He tells us that he's ready to go as an opener. PL3K manager, Sara, is working on setting something up.

Watch and see!

What we've been up to...

Planet Log 3000 is planning to record a new CD, probably late in 2001. In preparation, we've been making 4 and 8-track recordings of songs that are candidates for the CD. Admittedly, we haven't a clue when it comes to recording, but we're getting a feel for what we want the songs to sound like. Plus, it's really fun to say to our co-workers, "yeah, we doing some pre-production for our next CD this weekend."

A bunch of songs from our beloved basement tapes are at MP3.com (http://www.mp3.com/pl3k) if you like downloading that sort of thing. The stuff that was recorded on four-track is of pretty dodgy audio quality, but the 3 songs recorded on a super 8-track Roland all-digital Bigsby-equipped humbucking doublneck semi-hollow hard disk recorder thing all sound pretty darn good. If you are really into it, you can get the whole she-bang on our D.A.M. CD, Living La Vida Gouda, on MP3.com.

And check this out -- Someone in Germany put together an MP3 station devoted to the world's greatest bad film director, Ed Wood, and they included our song Tor on it: The Ed Wood Zone. We feel honored and humbled to be in such great company. And Tor is free for the download!

Meet Our Manager!

Planet Log 3000, after many years of conducting grueling interviews and countless hours of sifting through resumes, has finally FOUND a super-duper manager to help us schedule shows, advertise, assist with merchandising, and maintain accounts. (Well, okay. Maybe some of that's a stretch. Anyway, the "finding a manager" part is true.)

Meet Sara, also known as "Illustrated Girl." She's a peach!

What we talk about...

Planet Log 3000's residents communicate regularly via the electrons. Usually, it's just tedious rot. But sometimes, it can get somewhat amusing. We've decided to put some of it here. You can decide if it's interesting or not.

The SPICE and WWF thread:

I saw in the paper today that Sporty Spice has a solo record coming out real soon now. They had a very very nice picture of her with short hair and some tattoos. And she looks mighty good in that picture. I've always been more of a fan of Scary and Ginger but, if it didn't mean getting beaten to death by Suave, I'd give my heart, lungs and spleen to Sporty.
-- Rawk Bottom

Yeah, but I don't like the new look. I agree that she needed to change her look, but not to Riot Grrrl. I saw some special where she pretended to be Posh Spice, all dressed up, and she looked great. Thought she should have moved in that direction. But it sounds like the CD is anything but fluffy pop; could be interesting. But certainly not as interesting as WWF The Music Volume 4, which I picked up yesterday. I'm especially fond of The Undertaker's theme.
-- Captain Feedbakk

I really like Sporty's riot grrrl look. Similarly I never was attracted to Joan Jett till her hair got short spiky and blonde. The fact that she likes "guitar bands" I found very encouraging. If only she said she'd liked "bass players". But then Suave would have to kill me.
Is the Undertaker's theme an original composition or an existing song. And, if you were a pro wrestler (or pro ballplayer), what song would you want them to play as you prepared to enter the ring, went up to bat, etc? Mine would be "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah! Wipeout!"
-- Itchy Spice (a.k.a. Rawk Bottom)

The Undertaker's theme is an original, and apparently all WWF entrance themes are written (or at least co-written) by one guy. Unfortunately, unlike Vol. 3, Vol. 4 has absolutely no recording / mixing / producing / etc. credits at all. I think my theme would depend on my character pretty heavily. If I was a babyface throwback to old school rasslin', I'd probably have some NFL Films music as my theme. Where as if I was a heel, but still got over with the fans, something like Reel Big Fish's "Somebody Hates Me" would fit the bill.
-- Captain Feedbakk

Salon has an article today on her Spiciness. The picture accompanying the article is not as fiercely erotic as the picture of her in yesterday's Pee Dee.
-- Rawk Bottom

I still can't get past the hair, but maybe because it's such a bad dye job. She has such lovely blond hair, why dye her roots black?
-- Captain Feedbakk

The film thread:

does anyone know if the jonathan demme film "storefront hitchcock" is available on video anywhere? i just bought the soundtrack yesterday and saw that it was a 1998 release. the film, to best of my knowledge, seems like it is just a live performance by robyn hitchcock. is there more to it? i wouldn't imagine jonathan demme (philadelphia and silence of the lambs) to just direct a concert movie. anyway...if anyone has any info about this film, i'd greatly appreciate it.
-- Pizza Man

I don't think it's on video yet. From what I understand there is one, count 'em, one, print of the movie in the US. The Cinematheque has been trying to get it for a while, but there are some bizarre Ohio laws regarding movie distribution that are making it difficult. I don't know much about the movie other than that. It's supposed to be good. I think it might just be a performance in a storefront. Jonathan Demme, of course, directed "Stop Making Sense", one of the all-time great concert movies. Besides Zeppelin's "The Song Sounds the Same".
There were two print ads for Dogma in yesterday's NY Times. No, wait, there were three. Must! See! Dogma!
-- Rawk Bottom

got home from work just in time to catch kevin smith's all-too-brief appearance on conan o'brien. can't wait for dogma to open.
-- Pizza Man

What's the word from Keith on Mr. Smith's latest bitchin' movie? I laughed, I cried, I got a partial chub when God kissed Jay.
-- Rawk Bottom

Can't believe we have not heard anything from Pizza Man yet on the movie of the Millenium. I'm anxious to know what he thought of the excremental, the Holy Bartender, Metatron's crotch, "No tickets", and God's favorite thing to do in New Jersey.
-- Rawk Bottom

yes. i would have to say that dogma is one of the best films that i have ever seen in my life. chris rock was excellent (i'm not a big fan of his). maybe i've seen too many kevin smith films, but as soon as the fateful scene occurred (i don't want to give anything away), i knew that jay and silent bob were going to make their entrance. it helps that a lot of my "religious" beliefs were present in the film. it was great to see so many smith-alum in this film and adding the always beautiful janeane garofalo to the cast. as far as joey lauren adams, i guess you didn't hear that she has sold out. she said that there isn't enough money in indie films, and she's doing what it takes to become a big star (being in an adam sandler movie and dating vince vaughn). bitch. anyways...dogma is definitely one of the best films of the decade. hoping that alanis morisette isn't really god,
-- Pizza Man

The last scene of the Jay and Silent Bob miniseries segues neatly into their first scene in Dogma. So I knew what was going to happen. And who else in the Askewniverse would have been so bold, so daring, so all about the clam?
I'm not sure if you can really sell out as an actor. Maybe it's because I follow directors more closely than actors. Seems to me it's inherently a sellout thing. Is she more or less of a sellout than Ben Affleck who was in Armageddon? Which, if I could stand to watch the whole thing, might be a crime against humanity. Or maybe it's just because I hate all the promotions that the Independent Film Channel does before movies. It's like the human twang's old record buying philosophy: Indy good, major bad. There are plenty of crappy indy films and records out there, too. And some good ones from major studios and labels. Blah blah blah. I'm ranting. I'm starting to hate the Russian guy who does IFC ads as much as I hated the little girl who did them and then went on to do Pepsi ads, too. Rant rant. Rave rave. Linus will save us from all of this.
Everyone knows Clapton is God,
-- Rawk Bottom

the redeeming quality about ben affleck is that he did not turn his back on indies like ms. adams. i'm sure most actors take what they can get if they think it'll be big enough, but ms. adams has said she'll only act in it if it is almost a sure thing (again....hence BIG DADDY). anyway...enough about her. i still like her though. i will always remember her for MALLRATS and CHASING AMY. hopefully, the magazine (can't remember which one) was quoting her out of context. i work with someone who saw them filming the strip joint scene in pittsburgh. lucky wench.
-- Pizza Man

Saw Dogma again last night. Still loved it. Directing action sequences is not Kevin Smith's forte, though. He's mighty good at the talky stuff. But some of the fights and more physical things don't come across nearly as well. What he needed to do was add in some 'bullet time' stuff a la those scenes in The Matrix where the chick in black patent leather kicks ass. That would be cool. Like the 'holy bartender' scene would have been much improved if we could have seen it in slow motion from different consecutive angles. As would have Jay and Silent Bob's introduction. Mr. Smith should pay me big bucks for this idea. I'm awaiting my check.
* * *
So on Wednesday night I saw "Sleepy Hollow". It was good in a Tim Burtony sort of way. Meaning really cool visuals and, except for Johnny Depp, the ugliest cast I've seen in a big-budget movie. And apparently they wanted to make the movie in black and white but chickened out and used a really washed out color stock. Think the battle scenes in "Saving Private Ryan" and bleach out the color some more. My verdict is that it was good, but it was no Dogma.
I guess there's a new Toy Story out. I guess Steve Jobs deserves some praise for letting Lasseter and the crew at Pixar make cool movies. Also for not including a goddman floppy on the iMac. Very hep. Likely the new Toy Story will turn out to be good, but no Dogma.
-- Rawk Bottom

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