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Links to Some of Our Favorite Local Bands
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C.D. Truth
Supremely talented and witty alternative rockers with legendary songs such as "I Hate Route 8" and "We Got the Blimp." Shelley's absolute favorite local band (nudging out Bluto's Revenge for the top position only since Tim left).

Akron band with a rockin' alternative sound. One of Dale's faves.

Bluto's Revenge
Real, driving, 3-chord punk -- just like it should be. Shelley LOVES this band, although she despairs at Tim's (the bass player) departure.

Calfee Jones and the 8 Beats
Cleveland's swingingest band! Bring your dancing shoes! We LOVE these guys!

My Dad Is Dead
Art and Truth. The Maharishi's Inspiration.

Gods of the Dark. Martin worships them.

Palindromes (a.k.a. Confetti)
A local icon. One of Dale's Favorites.

Beatnik Termites
High-energy "pop." What's not to love about a band that writes a rock song about seeing Denise Dufala in church?

Cruel, Cruel Moon
A groovy Kent band that we've been told "meshes well with the Planet Log 3000 style."

The only "wedding band" on the page...the best all-occasion band in Cleveland. And, with NiteLife, you can schedule a root canal while you're doing the Bunny Hop.

Links to Bands Compiled by Other Music Enthusiasts:

Cleveland Live
The band links section of the ultimate internet guide to Cleveland.

WENZ, 107.9 FM
The band links page from Cleveland's commercial "alternative" station. (Sort of a paradox, isn't it?)

Cleveland Artists Network
A great page that provides a network for all types of Cleveland artists, including bands.

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